Resolving dentist complaints together

Doctor report for Boynton Family Dental Arts

1901 N Webb Rd, Wichita, KS 67206, USA

Problem Summary: unprofessional staff
Full Report: It was made clear on the phone that special arrangements would be necessary, mostly music as a distraction. This was agreed to, and they even mentioned a therapy dog. Upon arrival, it was all open cubicles, no privacy, no music, and you could hear everyone else. The dog wasn't friendly or interested in people at all. Dentists are traumatic for the client and everything was exacerbating the experience. So you have a client, upset, crying, with a wad of tissue in hand. Christi walks in with an exorbitant bill, doesn't explain, go through it, or explore options, then demands that shocked client sign it. When shocked client asks about insurance, Christi very snottily and curtly says that " insurance is your problem, why don't you take it up with them", then literally shoves clipboard into client, "Sign it". Autistics don't like being touched, in general, anyway, but you don't push at them and then angrily demand something. If Christi will treat a special needs person this way, how will she treat you? Why is she dealing with patients at all? A different dentist was found. They had private rooms, not open floor plan. They had music and television. They explained all pricing options. It was half the cost. And no "mean girls". I recommend any other dentist because you do not need a Christi in your life.
Desired Solution: warn people away
Posted by: Marie S. on May 28, 2019