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Doctor report for Medi7 Bentleigh

463 Centre Rd, Bentleigh VIC 3204, Australia

Problem Summary: Breach of confidentiality
Full Report: I had acupuncture with Dr Elizabeth Hu. She was also providing me with psychological "counseling". After I shared some private sentiments about another doctor in the same clinic she disclosed them to that same doctor. Breached my confidentiality. When I complained they claimed that they work together as a "team" and that's why my private information is not confidential. Terrible!
Desired Solution: I would like an apology.
Posted by: Sasha H. on May 07, 2019

Doctor report for Dr. Gordon W. Cornett, DDS

6633 Telephone Rd, Ventura, CA 93003, USA

Problem Summary: I'm losing all four of my front teeth now.
Full Report: I was a patient( Mary Gibbs) Of Cornett's a long time ago! I went to him for a better look at a front chipped tooth. I had bonding done but didn't like the look. I came out with all four of my front teeth root canaled and capped. I didn't know that they had been root canaled till one came loose and had to have it recemented. Now to this day, I'm still having problems going to lose them. Plus had to have them retreated in 1998. I keep getting infections. Do you think he would have a decent bone in his body to help me pay for what I have to have done right now?
Desired Solution: Would be nice for him to help me pay for what needs to be done now.
Posted by: Mary C. on Apr 30, 2019